Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Welcome Back!"

We're at Grace's watching the Bruins game. She made us a fabulous dinner of fish & asparagus. Debbie made snacks; brownies.......cookies.....salsa....nachos.....nuts...

Boone's Farm Wine???? Seriously Deb? She claims it's good. I don't drink wine, but I know this is wrong. She wanted neon blue, but she had to settle for wild cherry and some berry thing.

Grace, Jen and I were working on the ornaments for the Kelley Family Christmas Party. Deb came over with her glass of wild cherry. It smelled just like cough syrup. I took a sip, guess what it tasted like? Yup, cough syrup. So now we are relaxing, watching the Bruins, talking during the commercials. The conversation meandered about and touched on a family we know where the two children were not good to their father. Jen said she didn't like them. I started to defend them. Jen was yelling at me. Then I said that it was harder for me because I knew them and liked them before.

Jen yelled at me, "You are looking at this through rose colored glasses!"

I started to remember the actual circumstances - how I had tried to intervene. How I couldn't understand how they didn't see how poorly things were going to go if they continued with their plan.

I looked at Jen and said "I remember how I offered to help. I begged them not to do it. I forgot that. Guess I was blocking."

Jen says "Welcome back!"


Kanani said...

Boone's farm? Seriously? They still sell that? That was strictly high school fodder back in 1978! Haha

Anonymous said...

Boone's Farm? We had that for our basic training graduation party at a pizza parlor near Ft. Jackson in 1974. Every last one of us went back to the barracks sober.
Does a pretty good job as a paint remover, though, as I recall.

Charity said...

You need a nice Chilean Carmenere.

Even in college, we drank Barefoot. Boone's Farm technically isn't even wine, it's a malt beverage.

No wonder you don't drink very much! :)