Wednesday, October 21, 2009

USS Constitution Celebrates 212 Years

***UPDATE***21 OCT 1220 - I'm back in the office and I only have a minute. I just had to post something to say how beautiful this morning was. A picture perfect New England day on Boston Harbor aboard the most magnificent ship in the world's greatest Navy*****
USS Constitution was christened October 21, 1797 and today we celebrate the storied 212 years of the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy.

Old Ironsides is undergoing an extensive renovation that you can see pics here.

But today, for her birthday we will be taking her out for a spin. That's right - we!!! I get to go. This will be my first turn around cruise and I can't tell you how excited I am!

This is my favorite sort of's's's Boston. Beat that!

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You can visit the newly revamped (courtesy of the Navy History and Heritage commend) website here.

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You can.....and you should!

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NavyNews said...

We love it - wish we were there!