Friday, October 30, 2009

Project Valour-IT - Wondering How to Help #TEAMNAVY??

Maybe you aren't a blogger, but I bet you have a FaceBook page or a Twitter account. Do you belong to an online group? These are all places you could link blogger posts about Project Valour-IT.

Here are some suggestions -
Valour IT: Giving in Action

Valour IT: The story should be told. Again and Again and Again

Voice From The Noise "Valour-IT Fundraiser 2009"

From NavyCS "ECI at 1.5% and Valour-IT Reminder"

And if you are a blogger who hasn't yet signed onto #TeamNavy....well get over there and do it!!!

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J.L. Smith said...

Hi, there…just wanted to let everyone know that I am donating a percentage of my book sales – through Veterans’ Day – to Project Valour-IT! Why not donate to this very worthwhile cause and read a great book at the same time? You can read a sample chapter on the “Sneak Peek” tab at Please help support our wounded soldiers by spreading the word! Thank you!