Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Last Night Was Like....

...my own film noir.

From the new spot I've moved the bed to in the still unpainted bedroom I been enjoying the full moon these past two nights. The bed is right next to the back window. Because the new bed is higher, the pillow sits parallel with the window sill. It also faces the side yard instead of the front yard. On the whole, a much nicer view. The grass, the willows, the bushes which in the dark seem impenatrable. I can see my chaise in the side yard waiting for me to come out with a book. It was warm last night and I had the window open. It's like being out in the yard.

In the moonlight everything is black and white. At first I didn't realize it. I lay there and looked at the green grass and brown tree trunks....my dark blue bottle of pillow mist on the windowsill....my red nails........ And that's when I realized that the bottle was black in the moonlight and so were my nails. I only knew that the grass was green, but in the moonlight it was gray.

I looked at my hand on the yellow cotton sheets dotted with blue flowers that were only varying shades of gray. Jane Greer in "Out of the Past" sprang to mind.

It was delicious and secret. I hope tonight's clouds and rain hold off.

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