Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Alex

Dear Alex,

Let me write in response to your comment in another post -

I'm 14, I live in Seattle, and I found your blog by searching good and plenty the candy on google images and it brought me here. I'm eating some right as I type and I love them. I read some of your blog and I think your pretty cool and was wondering if you would marry me.

While I greatly appreciate the compliment.....even Princess Crabby has limits....and you, my dear, are exactly half as old as my son......


wifeunit said...

Where is the LIKE button?!?!?!


Mrs. K said...


Yer Marine said...

Age is just a number. Like the national debt.

BostonMaggie said...

I accidently deleted TankerBabe's comment -
"Put him on the waiting list for 4 years. Can you say COUGAR? Oh, come on Maggie."

I would like to respond to Mrs. K, TankerBabe, and my Marine and say -


As it is, my Marine is nearly too young for me.