Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Safe and Sound

Vegas has once again survived Hurricane Maggie. I am unpacked. Laundry is nearly done. I am headed to bed. I know, I am a bad blogger. I have so much to tell you, but I am exhausted. I promise, I promise.....I will write stuff.

But for now, go here and listen to one of the Milblog track panels about the future for Milblogs.
"Getting The Picture: What’s Next for Milblogs?" It's moderated by the very subtle Matt Burden of BlackFive. The panelists are Scott Henderson of MediaSauce, CJ Grisham, Bouhammer. Scott Kesterson was supposed to call in, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

We discussed Twitter quite a bit and how it can be used to help Milblogs and the causes dear to our hearts. Then we were discussing how we needed to be more proactive and pulling in people and getting our message out. In other words, not to be so insular.

Sooooooo, I got up to explain that I felt Twitter was invaluable in keeping us from being trapped in our own bubble. This is something I feel deeply about. Only 1% of American have a real connection with the military. We really need to reach out.

However...some people are really immature. As you can imagine when someone with perfect Bostonian diction discusses "Twitter" and "insular"....people fell on the floor.

I pouted to my Marine and he said "Them fuckahs. Laughing at ya like that. Bastids."

Thanks baby.

The rest of you should go listen and see if you don't agree that I'm right and my fellow attendees were bastids.

You Served Podcast - Episode #60 "Blog World Expo Special - October 15, 2009"


Stella by Starlight said...

I'll be visiting your links soon, I promise. However...some people are really immature. As you can imagine when someone with perfect Bostonian diction discusses "Twitter" and "insular"....people fell on the floor.

Had to stop a moment after reading your post—call me immature, I don't give a damn—because I laughed until my sides split. A simple LOL just didn't seem to fit the moment.

I hope you had a good time in Vegas and wish I'd seen you on the panel. Damn, why didn't I think about how close I was? [Those old gray cells, they ain't what they used to be.]

Speaking about Vegas' safety, apparently Amtrak is also safe again. More proof that progressives have a sense of humor. Did the person who is the subject matter write this amusing tidbit himself?

Hugs to ya...

Kanani said...

Yes, we were bastids!

SK said...

Since I know the people you were with, bastids doesn't begin to cover it. lol

BostonMaggie said...

Stella, I expected you to come out here and say that you didn't notice anything unusual about how I speak!

Kanani, confession is good for the soul!

SK, you have no idea how much you were missed.

SK said...

Aw thanks. I really, really missed seeing all of you. I'm hoping to be in DC in April, working on details!

Stella by Starlight said...

It was the way you wrote that post made me laugh so hard. How would I notice? My dad's from Dorchester, on which someone ragged on above.

They have been duly dissed.