Friday, May 09, 2008

The World's Most Bizarre Game of Red Rover

The world has massed at Burma's borders ready to link hands and pull together to help alleviate a great humanitarian crisis. We have brought supplies, good intentions and the means to render assistance. Ships, people, helicopters, C-130s, jeeps.

And Burma is facing us....thinking?....strategizing?.....comtemplating?

Earlier today the first two planes of relief supplies from the UN have arrived.

Now Burma has decided to grant entry for one plane from the United States.

Meanwhile, the rest stay at the border, waiting.


France wants the UN to force it on them. Yeah, whatever asshats. You're big on talk aren't ya? Imagine if we said that? Cripes they'd be all over us.

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billt said...

Actually, limiting the influx of relief supplies makes perfect sense -- it's easier to control distribution.

Your supporters get fed, your dissidents *don't*. And then you blame the US for the resulting famine...