Saturday, May 24, 2008

BZ PO2 Anonymous!

The Phibian has assigned a task to Kristen (his frequent commenter) and yours truly (Goddess of the Navy Blogger Strike Group - no Galrahn, I will never get over it!).
We are more than up for this mission, right, Kristen!
A regular reader, commenter, Fleet spy, and friend to this blog (who wished to remain anon .... ), has done it the way it should be done. This man is no one's "administrative burden."
Second Class Petty Officer in 25 months from getting his sexy haircut in a rate whose advancement rate can be measured in the amount of eggs you get at Food Lion. BZ. How do you do this online, I don't know; but I'll let Maggie and Kristin do the smoochie stuff.

Finally, the Navy might actually get some work out of him.

The "smootchie stuff" is right up my alley baby! Princess Crabby sends her congratulations along with this kiss.

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CDR Salamander said...

That is so cool.