Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Navy Coterie

*****UPDATE: The whole lot of them are smartasses! LOL The Yankee Sailor stopped by the's "My Navy Coterie".....not "Ny....". I'm glad someone has sharp eyes, have I explained how old I am?*******
.......and why I need it.

I have a secret stash of Sailors. When I can't figure out something on my own, I email them. Their primary mission is to make sure that I do not look like a jackass at Roundtables, here at my place and everywhere in the blogosphere. Secondary to that important task, is that they must go drinking with me should they find themselves within a 100 miles of me.

My sisters will tell you that keeping me from looking like an asshat is a Herculean task and more than can be expected of this group of heroic Sailors. LOL

So, today I am discussing the blog and the Roundtable with SB and there was this exchange

SB: only wish a person fair winds...etc when they are leaving for good or retiring
Maggie: Oops! I thought it was any trip. How come you never told me that before?
SB: Some think that but I don't
Maggie: I have said it many times, why have you never corrected me. You know you are supposed to make sure I don't look like an asshat. Geez!!
SB: Because it was not a big deal. You look fine.
Maggie: Good thing I have my Navy coterie. Clearly I can't rely on you! I have a new member today. Lt. Nixon, he of the rant, lol. I explained his duties were to answer my questions so I didn't look like an jackass at roundtables or in the blog and more importantly.......if he finds himself within a 100 miles, meet me for a drink
SB: He's a mere LT
Maggie: No shit, he's only 27!!! His mother comments in his blog. But, he said he was already looking forward to "knocking back a few with me" Lol
Maggie: He is in Iraq and has showered exactly four times this year
SB: So what is he bitchin about? Quarterly pms...
SB: Supposed to come back to a farewell dinner where we can say Fair winds....etc
Maggie: LOL! Efffffff you Southie!
That's why there is a whole stash of them. It's a big job to keep me from stepping in it!


Anonymous said...

We can help with the "Navy stuff", and we gladly do. As for the spelling?

Well, not so much....

Nixon said...

I'm proud to be part of your secret stash Maggie, haha. While, only a mere LT, I have the arrogance of banana Republic general who has just appointed himself President for Life.

BostonMaggie said...

YS - I thought about an excuse and then just gave up, lol.

Lt. - Aren't all Sailors like that?