Saturday, May 17, 2008

Got a Question for you Bianca

Another thing this nitwit wanted to rant at us about is Global Warming.

I've got a question.............did you pedal on over here on a 10 speed? Or was it a broomstick you flew in on?

Otherwise, I'm guessing it involved a fossil fuel. Probably a great deal and in a wasteful way.

That would make you a hypocrite on top of having a collosal amount of gall.

I have a huge problem with someone who is *not* an American coming into my country and talking a lot of bullshit about how wrong we've gone. Why don't you pop on back to Nicaragua and fix the problems in your own country.

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Nixon said...

She looks filled with self-righteous indignation. Celebrities are such losers. Please stick with making movies, making boring TV shows, and filling up trashy gossip rags with your shenanigans. Stay the F*** out of politics, you botox-injected hacks.