Friday, May 23, 2008

Perfect For This Weekend!

The Pritzker Military Library has a YouTube Channel
The Mission of the Pritzker Military Library is to acquire and maintain a collection of materials and develop appropriate programs focusing on the concept of the Citizen Soldier as an essential element for the preservation of democracy.
There are seven vids in all, here are some.

Matty from BlackFive
In this clip, Matthew Currier Burden discusses the reasons why he started his very successful milBlog Blackfive.
MOH recipient Leo K. Thorsness Interview
Leo K. Thorsness describes his thoughts and feelings when President Nixon presented him the Medal of Honor on Oct. 15, 1973.
"We wear it for those who can't." Wow!
Jim Lovell Interview
Formal Naval pilot and NASA astronaut Captain James A. Lovell visits the Pritzker Military Library for a one-on-one interview with John Callaway. In this clip, he discusses the story behind the famous quote "Houston, we have a problem".
Maggie Megellas (All the Way to Berlin)
In this clip, Author and WWII veteran Maggie Megellas reflects on his war time experiences.
MOH recipient Walter D. Ehlers
WWII veteran Walter Ehlers describes his experiences at Normandy on D-Day (June 6, 1944).
Sgt. Ehlers is one of the MOH Recipients that will be honored tomorrow night on the USS Midway as explained in this post.
The red links go to YouTube videos. They are short snippets and you can watch complete interviews at the Pritzker Military Library's site.

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