Sunday, March 19, 2006

What a Great Weekend!!!!!!!!

First off, Damrell's Fire, the Bostonian Society event was great. It was a very cool animated/computer graphic thing that will air on PBS next month. It's an hour long and it was hosted by its creator Bruce Twickler. He also included a 12 minute 'making of' video. Bruce was very engaging and you couldn't help but catch his enthusiasm. The video was full of people I know, have read or have seen at the Old State House. They recreate Boston at the time of the fire in this most amazing way. It will be on PBS April 2nd, I will post a reminder. I know I am a history geek, but this was really interesting and you don't have to be a geek to enjoy it.

A word about the Bostonian Society and someone who does a lot there, Sue Goganian. I really like Sue, she works hard on these events and is always a pleasure to be around. This was her first Saturday night event and she was a little nervous....but it was great! There was a full house and they served popcorn and Coke in glass bottle!!!!!
My favorite! So it was a true Saturday night at the movies.If you live in Boston, you should join and support the work they do. If you are in Boston, you should visit the Old State House....let me know you are coming and I will take you on the tour. Then throw a few bucks in the collection for some important renovations/repairs for the building. And if you see Sue...tell her good job and pat her on the back.

This morning I had CCD. Today we discussed Lent and Stations and sacrifice and the feast day of St. Jospeh. I think my class is great, I love their quick minds. Even when we get off track....and you know how easy that is with me.....I love hearing what they have to say. Plus it's always so funny when they realize that I know someone in their family or they know someone in mine. I was elevated somewhat in the minds of the girls when they realized that I was related to super-cool 16 year old Taylor who lives near Colby.

Then later in the afternoon the bulk of my family assembled at my parents house to celebrate my birthday. I scored lots of loot, not to mention chocolate cake. My mother told me last night that my Dad was making my cake. I asked if it was chocolate, she said yes....I said "How did he know?" LOL! Someday I want to go to the Spa in Hershey PA and have the chocolate soak.

Tonight was Soprano's, but I can say no more because certain people have forbid me to discuss it.

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Anonymous said...

My brother sent me this post today, and I wish I had seen it then. It's always nice to know one's efforts are appreciated. What I miss most about TBS are all the people who were so loyal to the Society and its programs. I'm now at the Boston Harbor Association, and hope to develop that same loyalty about the past, present and future of Boston Harbor.
Sue G.