Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dinner with Trish

Most Tuesdays Trish and I go out......dinner or a movie, sometimes dinner and a movie. Last night was a tour of the local health club before dinner. She is really pushing for one with a pool, which, of course ups the cost. We have checked out one other and I want to see at least two more. This is not inconsiderable money. We are going to try for a family membership (the two of us and Frank) after all, it's Massachusetts......what are they going to say? So we have this discussion over dinner at Bangna Gardens. The office occassionally orders lunch from there. I consistently get chicken pad thai and really like it. So last night.....I branch out. I was happier in my closed mind, lol. Found out I don't like the spicy aspect of Thai! But still, a fun night and we concluded that we would go for the trial membership, 6 weeks for $119.00 each. By the end of 6 weeks we should know how important a pool is. If I give up yoga at the funky places I go and attend the yoga classes at the new gym as well as giving up my current gym membership (very short money/very little benefit), it's a wash financially. But do I want to give up yoga in the funky places? I love the low lights at the end of class, the candles, the meditation. This new place is lots of flourescent lights, and perky people. I am not perky.

The highlight of the night? "The Unit" starring "24"s President Palmer/the State Farm guy/Dennis Haysbert. It's a total cliche, full of classic "I'm the hero lines". I loved it!!!!

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