Monday, March 20, 2006

Stealing Stuff From Lex

Go read this collection of quotes over at Lex's site.

My favorites:

“Things are looking up for us here. In fact, Papua-New Guinea is thinking of offering two platoons: one of Infantry (headhunters) and one
of engineers (hut builders). They want to eat any Iraqis they kill. We’ve got no issues with that, but State is being anal about it.” LT
(JS) on OIF coalition-building.


I finally figured out that when a Turkish officer tells you, “Its no problem,” he means, for him.” Maj (EUCOM)

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Gunny John said...

Pretty funny stuff. Here's one of my personal favorites that I picked up from a crusty old Master Sergeant: "It's okay to step on your crank once in a while; just don't mark time on it."