Thursday, March 16, 2006

Possible Poll Question

There has been some discussion of a possible poll question out here regarding showering (alone vs. with someone). Your thoughts?

Also, isn't it entirely possible that you can get clean with someone else in the shower? The other person could very well be helpful.....back scrubbing....soap holding.....among other things. It's not necessarily a distraction. Certainly there is an element of distraction, but if you can't get things done, then maybe the fault lies within yourself. Perhaps it is your lack of self control that is at issue. In that case, it's quite unfair that you deny the other person the pleasure of the shared shower. So maybe the poll question should be "Are you inconsiderate or not?"

Please keep in mind that others read the comments and write accordingly. Anything racy should be sent to my email................immediately. LOL

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