Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Birthday Wrap-Up

I went to yoga and I can hardly move! When I got home, the house was clean!!!! The kids, mostly Toni and Bree, but a little Bill and Frank had really truly cleaned the house. It was so great. Plus Toni got me flowers and and a little ceramic M&M holder that said "chocolate makes my clothes shrink". Frankie said he thought that was mean, but I said no, that is what happens, it can't be my fault! She also got a card for Frank to sign, left it on the counter, open with the pen on it.......he didn't sign it, lol.

Then I was watching "24". 1st commerical, SouthieBoy calls and sings "Happy Birthday" at 78 r.p.m. It was his only chance and he only had a minute. But the fact that it mattered enough to him to finagle it..........well, the enormity of sentiment moves me greatly.

So I ate chocolate cake (2 kinds), M&Ms and some stuff that was actually good for me.
Had to get it all in because today I am on Atkins.

My son, my son got in just under the wire at 2330. Good job Tommy.

It was a great birthday! Thanks!


Gunny John said...

I try not to pay attention to birthdays anymore.

BostonMaggie said...

Just pay attention to mine, lol.....