Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breakfast For Lunch

So breakfast is a little late....but I got a lot done this morning. Well a lot for me that is. I was up until 4:25 am....just awake. Watched a good movie on the laptop from Netflix, "Tell No One".

The good thing about the laptop (among many things) that I can recline in bed with the laptop propped against the wall on it's side and doze off if I want...Netflix will let me watch it again if I fall asleep. Although there was no danger of dozing off last night. Last night was actually a big TV/movie night. I was having a hard time breathing, so I was plopped in the couch with the O2 tank for a while. I watched episode 2 of "The Big C". It's so strange to watch someone deal with cancer and not tell anyone. I did that for a short time....but now I tell everyone. Then I watched "Criminal Minds". Finally, I moved to bed and watched the movie.

Got a call about a medical bill at 8:46 am. So four hours of sleep. I explained the whole insurance situation and it's Tuesday resolution. The woman asked for the name of the person I spoke with at Blue Cross. I told her I didn't remember, but all she needed to do was resubmit the bills. You see, after fourteen years working on billing medical equipment, I know how this works. She said she needed the name of the person and a reason to resubmit. I patiently explained that I had just given her the reason. We went through it two more times before I lost my temper and told her that I knew that wasn't necessary because of my work experience. I also explained that they needed to get a move on because Blue Cross has a 90 day billing window and they better be in it. I further explained that I was in active chemotherapy and had only fallen asleep at 4:25 and now I was hanging up on her and going back to sleep.

And I hung up. She has called back twice, but I am not answering. Re-tahd!

But of course there was no going back to sleep, so I got up and drove Jen to work. I still have no car due to another stupid insurance problem that I almost have worked out.

On the way back, I stopped at Good Health in Hanover to get some rose oil for my homemade body scrub. I wanted rose absolute, but they only had rose otto. Then onto Home Depot where some jerk I used to date works. He used to be vice-president of information systems for a major non-profit in Boston. After he retired he couldn't sit still and he was always in Home Depot anyway. He was always talking to and advising I guess the job was a natural fit. I wanted top soil for my planting this weekend and I knew in my present state I couldn't lift the bags. So I walked up to him and said "I need some bags of dirt. I am back in chemo and can't lift them." We walked down to the garden center and he loaded up the bags, then checked me out and loaded the car. The boys will be by later to unload. We really didn't talk otherwise. He never knows what to say to me. Not that I make it easy, I am a bitch. We were a stupid thing a really long time ago. Back then, I still hadn't gotten the fact that I need to be with someone who is smarter than I am. Just a little, the challenge is important to me. I was way smarter in that relationship. Besides that.....he was an Army vet...what was I thinking?

As I left I remembered that besides the rose oil, I needed grape seed oil as well. There is another health food store across from Home Depot so I popped in there. They had the rose abolute, so it was a good stop.

I made my bed, cleaned my room, called Kate, my nurse practitioner (who let me off the hook on drinking the icky tomato juice - turns out there is too much sodium in that) made French toast from stale bread (with 2 eggs at 75 mg potassium each) and powdered sugar on top, sectioned an orange (326 mg potassium), poured a glass of whole milk (325 mg of potassium), washed my dishes, unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, made my body smells fantastic!

After I clean up breakfast, I will head up the hill for my last day of cleaning out the old house.

Still bummed out that I couldn't be in DC for this -
Army Wife Carren Ziegenfuss Announced as the Winner of and's Spouse of the Year Award 2010


FbL said...

Back then, I still hadn't gotten the fact that I need to be with someone who is smarter than I am. Just a little, the challenge is important to me.

I've finally accepted that in my own case. This new guy is at least as smart as me (maybe smarter--don't know him well enough). It's so funny, I find myself naturally explaining something and then I stop and laugh and say, "Hey, you know this. Duh!" :)

BostonMaggie said...

For some of us, that challenge is more important than we realize....some of us are easily bored.