Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ha!!! I Love It!!!!

She has my attitude! Desserts and liquor. Although, eventually, you get a stomach ache, so I am sure there will be real food.

I can identify with not telling people, I kept my multiple myeloma diagnosis to myself for quite a bit while I processed it.
But I was never self-sacrificing like the character of "Cathy" played by Laura Linney. She took care of everyone else and now she is putting herself first. I was always more balanced (selfish?) than that, lol.

But I love the "I want it and I am not putting it off" mindset.

And you don't need to have cancer to have that attitude. Almost everyone I know should have a little more of that attitude.

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Kanani said...

Yeah, I struggle with that. I just make up for it in the number of shoes I've got! Ha!