Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lasix & Potassium - how Did Those M&Ms Get In There

So Dr. Miller says that I have to take stuff with extra potassium when on Lasix - 40 mg once a day. I am supposed to take it in the morning....but between being awake until 3 am.....moving very slowly....and having to run several was 3 pm before I took it.

He suggested tomato know I have no poker face. He said "What about Gatorade?" Well that sounded ok. but guess what? Gatorade had 30 mg of potassium per serving...and tomato juice has 900 mg. Seriously, 900. I read all the labels. Smart water. V-8 Splash. V-8 Infusion. All the sports drinks and enhanced waters.

So I guess I am stuck drinking the stupid tomato juice. With my bananas, which work just as well when topped with ice cream. And no....I don't know how those M&Ms got there.


Mrs. Diva said...

Those M & M's will go nicely with the ice cream and bananas. They're considered a health food!

tankerbabelc said...

Wish I could drink the tomato juice for you. And, well, I'd eat the M&Ms, too but that would be way too selfish wouldn't it? LOL

You're spirit is more than inspiring friend.

BostonMaggie said...

M&Ms have calcium!

Leta, I am off the hook for the tomato juice! They said the bananas and potatoes were sufficient.