Thursday, September 09, 2010

Some Anonymous Asshat Ruined My Bath!

I brought my Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Dream Bath a glass of cranberry juice (no Coke in the house); M&Ms; and my book to the bathroom.

I cleaned the tub with some Kaboom tub cleaner. Jen says it's not as good as scrubbing bubbles and that I just like it because it sprays on blue and turns white. She added some nonsense about me being like a five year old. Probably true. After cleaning the tub, I poured in tooooooo much bath cream and made tons of bubbles. Extremely self indulgent.

I read, drank, soaked, ate M&Ms. It was relaxing and soothing and decadent. I washed my hair and used my free Aveda color conserve. Free is my favorite price!

After I cleaned up the tub and started the laundry, I came down and opened my email.

Here is where the Anonymous Asshat appears and ruins my mood. He or she comments on an old post -
"Kerry & Chris Shook Are Insensitive Assclowns"

Go read it, I'll wait, it's short.


So when I saw these two jackasses laughing on FoxNews about their planned "ADVENTURE" where they and their congregants will pretend they are dying in a month I posted that.

That was back in January when I was not in chemo and I was still asymptomatic. I was not in pain. I was furious at the nerve of these nitwits to belittle what dying people suffer. To turn it into some social experiment. To make it like the guy who did "Super Size Me". This isn't a's my reality.

As you can imagine, now that I have symptoms and I am in pain and I am in chemo and I am all drugged up.....I am even more angry.

So out comes this anonymous commenter - and trust me, they should stay anonymous, or I will hunt them down and punch them in the face, repeatedly.

"I know this was posted a long time ago, but my church is about to launch a sermon series based on this book, so I came across this post in searching for information about it. The book is directed towards Christians who are lackadaisical about their faith and need to live every day doing God's work as God intended. It's neither insensitive nor something to get angry about. Just wanted to let you all know."

Really? Seriously? You think it's ok to make a mockery of people suffering and dying so you can live out your faith. Well if you need to play this kind of game in your church, then your church must really suck. If you need this to help you, you are an IDIOT!

My reply to Anonymous?
"Dear Anonymous,

Fuck you. Fuck your condescending attitude. Fuck you for coming out here and telling me what I read and how it should be taken.

I promise you that I am at least twice as smart as you right this minute and that's not that smart considering how many drugs I am taking."

I really hope Anonymous comes back and reads this because he/she needs to know how their comment played with someone who IS FUCKING DYING!

It's neither insensitive nor something to get angry about. Just wanted to let you all know.

Really? Well why don't you come on back and tell me it's nothing to get angry about when you are actually 30 days from dying? Yeah, I think you'll be singing a different tune then.

Jackass. Kerry and Chris Shook are insensitive assclowns and you are a fucktard. A cowardly one at that.


Mrs. Diva said...

"Fucktard" just might be too kind.

Samuel Clemons said...

Maggie, I empathize with your situation. We also feel you have the courage to win the "Smarmy Ferret" award from none other than Sarcastic Samuel_Clemons on Twitter. Redeemable anytime you want to vent, be sarcastic, or otherwise use humor to explain the human condition. Of which I am an observer, being Twitter's chief Ferret.

Can I get in on that bubble bath?

BostonMaggie said...

LOL @ Mrs. Diva.

SC - Anytime! Thanks for the award!

Flag Gazer said...

Hugs, my dear....
These people have no idea... just none.

Anonymous said...

You were correct then and now. I really do not understand people sometimes-their insensitivity is unbelievable!
Also, love the bubble bath and the picture.
Virginia Hanning

Kanani said...

Wow, what kind of manipulative people do such a thing? And for what kind of spiritual attainment? I don't get it.

The bath....ah, I want one. And yes, I will have to look for Kaboom!

wolfwalker said...

I wish I could think of something useful or helpful to say ... but as usual, my socially-inept brain is blank.


Non illegitimi carborundum, Maggie.

Surfcaster said...

I'm going to recall one of my many reunion brewskis from this weekend and retoast it to you (yeh, kinda lame I know but...)