Friday, September 17, 2010

Stormy Weather

I paused my vacuuming when I looked up and saw this storm moving in. This is the view from the lighter sky in the south...... The darkening sky straight out to the east......
And the storm approaching from the north.
It's just beautiful!!!! I have to enjoy it while I can. I may be facing eviction proceedings. Before I lived here there was never mayo in the fridge. And certainly not a raw onion! LOL! I made a batch of tuna with mayo and celery and onion. Delicious!!! Jen was yelling at me "When are you eating that stinky tuna? You are stinking up the whole fridge!" It's in a sealed baggie in the veg drawer. So I ate some on toast for breakfast....yum!!!!
So I am a little slow today. I slipped and didn't drink enough water yesterday. Between being a steroid day and going to the gym, I should have consumed much more water. So last night there was insomnia and leg cramps.
But I think today will still be somewhat productive. I have my room done. I have vacuumed the living room and done some other cleaning. I think the steroid will give me a boost to get through more.

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Kanani said...

I have always dreamed of living near the ocean. Oh, it's so pretty. You are very lucky. I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I'll remember the oil of bergamot, the earl grey tea.