Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now You Got Me In Trouble!

Since no one responded with tea to my Facebook status an hour ago....
Can someone go to Starbucks & pick up a venti vanilla chai tea latte & drop it off to me? My bedroom is in the back....thanks!

I had to sneak out to the kitchen to make my own tea. I opened the tall cupboard, Jen has this shelf that is nothing but various teas. I was getting some Irish was 0530 after allAs I pull the bag from the box.....the whole shelf comes off the support! I am juggling, trying to catch tea....trying to stifle a laugh. Jen has told me on numerous occasions that she can hear me trying to be stealth.. And this is not-so-stealth.

I couldn't get it back in quietly, so she will come down in a few hours and be like "What the...." to the woods shelf and all the tea all over the counter.

I had to go back out and make sure I shut off the stove after I got back in here with my tea. My mind being what it is, I am afraid of giving Jen "Mama Kelley" moments. Right before my grandmother's stroke that placed her in a nursing home she had a few episodes where she would leave the stove on after making a cup of tea. Used to give my Dad a heart attack.

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