Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Rule On Sleeping!

I'm just going to sleep when I want to. Why have I been so focused on fitting it into the conventionally accepted time slot?

Grace & Jen & Debbie & my mother went to lunch at Harrison's Roast Beef. I'm very glad we all made it. It was worth the drive to hang and laugh. These are the important things.

Jen & I popped into "My Low Carb Life". We are both still trying to get back on Atkins.

Then on the way home it was a huge struggle not to drop right off in the car. We got in about 5 pm and I thought...."How will I stay awake until 8 or 9?" But really...why? I will just sleep when my body wants me to sleep. As long as my little late night meanderings don't disturb Jen, what's the big deal?

I went to sleep around 5:30 pm. It struck me when I was getting into bed that my spot in Jen's house has the same orientation as the back porch in the cottage. That was the best place to sleep when I was young. Strangely for all the renovations at the cottage, they have never finished the back porch. No one sleeps or naps out there. Too bad. But napping in my room at Jen's is just as pleasant. It made for happy dreams. was a little longer than a nap - I woke at 9 pm. Just in time to make a stinky tuna sandwich (Jen hates onions and protests vehemently when I eat them) and watch "The Count of Monte Christo" with Jen. It was good and we had a good time.

So now, I will make a list of things I have to get done tomorrow and take the Revlimid and head back to bed. The further I get from infusion, the stronger I get.

My visit to Kansas is set! I arrive in "The Sunflower State" on Friday the 25th. And they thought they had a problem with tornadoes...ha!

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Patrick said...

The sleep monster will come and get you if you do not respect it. While regular sleep cycles are nice, when your body is doing the wacky, rest when you can and try to stay in touch with the world as a secondary issue.

There are prices to be paid for this, but if you are not rested you don't have the reserves to pay them.