Sunday, September 05, 2010

It Was My Absolute Pleasure....

.... to attend the Milblogger event of the decade....the TSO (This Ain't Hell)/Caro (USO Girls) wedding.

I am in Indianapolis. The wedding was this morning at 10:30 am...but the celebration goes on! the ceremony was outdoors on a picture perfect, sunny, Sunday morning. The bride was breathtakingly beautiful in a one shouldered white confection. Her hair was held to one side in a sparkly clip. She was just adorable! TSO was handsome too, but you know where the focus should be!

the reception was a lovely brunch and I met so many people. I got to hang with some good blogging friends and met some surprising significant others!

Now I am off to the Rathskeller for more celebrating!

From This Ain't Hell - "When Bloggers Marry"

And if you want more pics, I hope you are Facebook friends with BlackFive or TankerBabe.

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