Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Infusion Aftermath - An Attempted Coup

So after the chaos of infusion & talking to Kate, we went down the street to PF Chang's. Thank God! I was starving. I had a bagel and a cup of tea in Indianapolis Airport at 0630. Then Jen brought me M&Ms in infusion.
Grace & Jen were lucky they got any of the wontons. Although they had lettuce wraps, so they wouldn't have fallen over.
They were in full soothing mode. Maybe Kate's wrong. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think. They are coming back on Friday. I told them no, but you know, that's stupid. I can barely function. One of my biggest problems yesterday was that I didn't have my wheelbook with "paper brain" as SB calls it. All my questions were written in there. It's almost embarrassing. For weeks it's been almost a diary "Make bank deposit" "Take Bus #19" "Buy eggs" "Ask why they tested my IgG instead of my IgA"

So they should go. Someone should.

I was getting frustrated with them and their "bright side". There is no "bright side". Every positive they brought up has a dark side. Some they choose not to think about....some they don't know about.....yeah, yeah, I know that's wrong. Bite me.

This is not to say that the day was all tears and death threats. Although I can't even count how many times I said that I wanted to punch someone in the face - people in the book I was reading, poor Kate, the NP who was just the messenger, people who couldn't drive in front of us.

But we had plenty of laughs too. We laughed so much and so loud in the infusion room I thought we were going to be spoken to. Same in PF Chang's.

At one point, Grace tried to use one of my own lines on me "Respect my position as the second oldest...." I interrupted her and said that shit doesn't roll uphill, I am the oldest.

Jen said that Grace was in the top position now, like the Vice-President when the President is incapacitated. I couldn't argue, I was laughing too hard. Then she announced that Grace had to be in charge because she (Jen) was just SecDef and our brother Frankie is way down, like Secretary of the Interior.

So now....I am an insurgent!

I have decided that I will go in on Friday and play hardball. I will tell them that unless there is a compelling medical reason to do it every ten days.....I want more time between rounds. I want 16 days. At least for these next two rounds. After the November round it is holiday time and I wouldn't be flitting about the country. I will want to stay close to home. But I want to go to Kansas & back to Florida and the Grand Canyon and Vegas and the USNI conference. I need more time in this month and in October. I don't think that's unreasonable. My plan was to do things until October 20th and then turn myself over to them. They are the ones who changed the plan. I think I am being very reasonable.....stop laughing.

I will negotiate. Hey Armorer.....can I have a goat and chicken?


Pia said...

I like this line of thinking, with you as the insurgent. Somehow it's more fitting. Go baby, go!

John of Argghhh! said...

I'm sure I can get you a chicken. There's a little black banty rooster that SWWBO would probably not mind seeing being a sacrifice.

Goat... that will take some negotiating.

Beth Donovan said...

You can have Serafina. (we call her the devil's handmaiden)
And you can have Acorn the Rooster. (Named because he is a thug, and SEIU has too many syllables for a rooster's name).

BostonMaggie said...

John & Beth - thanks for the goat and the rooster. Sounds a lot like "Thanks for all the fish!"

Pia - They will have quite the fight on their hands. I am more resolved than ever that they will have to give me extra time this month and next.