Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today Was Just Good All Around!

I got stuff done. I feel good.

I ran errands. I am halfway through straightening out my car insurance business.

I worked for a bit....a very little bit, lol.

I am firming up my BlogWorld/Las Vegas/Grand Canyon adventure for October.

I made a pork roast for dinner.

I am going to bed early and hopefully sleep all the way through and tomorrow can be more of the same.

I am almost to the break. Tomorrow is the last infusion for this cycle, then it's just four more days of pills. I am still trying to set up something fun for this break. I'll get something in, don't you worry.

I just had to post how good I feel right now since there has been so much bitching and moaning here lately!

The only thing missing today was some Navy event! Then it would have been perfect.

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