Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Far...So Good!

**3rd UPDATE**And it continues....back from infusion - the last of this cycle! Ran three more errands. Picked up BEAUTIFUL steaks....surprised I am a carnivore? I thought not. Talked to the infusion room nurses about how to tweek my sked next cycle and not spend so much time waiting around for blood work.
I am free until September 30th!!

**2nd update**It's still good! I went to the insurance agent & turned in the paperwork. I made 3 dozen cookies. I am showered & headed up to infusion. Grace called, she has a La-La-La planned for Saturday.....I'M IN!!!!
**UPDATE** - 30 minutes on the treadmill and I am almost woozy...but I am so happy about it! Now I am in work, getting stuff done!**
I slept more than most nights.....I made myself stay in bed until after 6.

I did some organizational stuff. That's the toughest thing lately, getting something done before I forget I wanted it done. Getting my solution implemented before I forget I came up with one.
Bed is made, room is straightened, notes are written.

I snuck into the kitchen and while I made my tea, I assembled the ingredients of a batch of cookie dough so I have something to bring to infusion. I'll wait until Jen wakes to do the noisy mixing, but they are just a few minutes away from being ready to pop in the over.

I am dressed for the gym and I think we'll give that a go.

Then onto some things in the office for work.

Then I should be able to straighten out the last of the car insurance issue and get my giant soccer mom van back on the road. Cadging rides gets old fast!

Two errands on the way to Boston and then infusion by 1 pm.

Plus I think I have come up with a better plan for some of the stuff left in my house. I have to be totally out by October 1st. I am really close. One thing that bums me out though is I appear to have lost the video camera. I can't find it anywhere. I kept telling myself that as I sorted through stuff and cleaned it would have to turn up. But that seems less ans less likely.

Overall, I feel very positive and strangely energetic today. I am going to ask Jen to buy some mums for her walkway out front. She usually has some plantings and somehow this summer that got past us both.....go figure! Anyway, it would be grand if tomorrow's morning steroid brought on a little gardening! I have always loved gardening.

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FbL said...

I'm so glad to see you having such a great day!