Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So...I Am A Little On Edge...

This trip has been wonderful. I keep telling myself that it has been just what I need to shore me up as I go back into chemo......


I made it through Revlimid & dex in '08 & '09. Four months of drugs & eight months of recovery.

I made it through Velcade & dex in August. Twelve days of drugs & seven days of recovery.

Today I start again and I can't tell you how much I don't want to do this. Today will be all three....Revlimid, Velcade & low dose dexamethasone. Sure the Rev dose is dialed back from 25 mg to 10 mg and only 14 days instead of 21. The steroid is broken up over eight days instead of four.

I should focus on those positives.


I should think about how grateful I am to have had this last ten days in Florida and Indiana. I should think about the fun things I did and the people I got to be with.


I should think about how happy I am to be going back to Boston....the Hub of the Universe.


Let's focus on something else......I will make some demands....go join this Facebook group.

"Friends of the Cruiser Olympia"

The Armorer has brought their plight to my attention. This non-profit is trying to raise funds to repair and maintain this important piece of US Naval History. By "brought their glight to my attention", I mean he demanded that I not let it slip away. He ordered my to get on it.

Who does he think he is talking to?????


Eagle1 said...

Queen of the universe?

Pia said...

wow, have we really been doing this (yes, I said "we") since '08?

Michael Junge said...

Nike, Maggie...Nike!

FbL said...

My non-experienced opinion is that you're allowed to be honest about how negative you feel about the ugly stuff, and then use the good stuff to keep you from not going right over the edge. *hugs*