Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fates Conspire Against Me!

This morning started off relatively well. And often the steroids give me a energy boost. So I had plans.

But you know me and plans......

So I get there....early. Ok, only 3 minutes early. But hey! I wasn't late.

First bump in the road? Today will be "pamidronate".


She repeats it twice and then finally says it a bone strengthener. Ahhh! Aredia. Bugger! That takes two hours. But it's better than Zometa. That was a nightmare.

Fine. It is what it is. I explain that I used the valet and they close at 4 and today's nurse, Kathleen is great about it and stands there at the end so she can whip it the IV and I can dash.

I hop in Jen's car and hustle outta Chinatown. There is still time to get things done. What will it be? I have to accomplish SOMETHING!!!!

The radio is talking about a car accident in Pembroke, Exit 12. I wasn't too worried, that more than a half hour away. It was 1555. I shouldn't even be effected, right?

I make great time to a spot between exit 14 and 13 and everything grinds to a halt. I was momentarily sorry that I didn't get off at 14. But how bad could it be? It happened over an hour before. Wouldn't they hurry to clear it before rush hour?

At 1633 I contemplate getting off at exit 13, but everyone was doing that.

Then I sat for 90 minutes. LOL 90 minutes. Suddenly, the large tea I had during infusion seemed like a not-so-good idea, lol. But I made it.

All I can say is thank goodness for Jen's XM radio. I clicked between 70's radio, disco and C-Span. Yeah I know, crazy. But I was singing at the top of my lungs for the first two and yelling epithets at the Ground Zero Imam talking to the Council on Foreign Relations today.

Apparently I am a Catholic extremist. Whatever buddy.

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