Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Warehouse Guys Are Awesome!

So the steroids often give me a constricted feeling in my chest. I get short of breath. I find O2 at 1 l.p.m. or sometimes even a 1/2 l.p.m. helps. It's a drug so I need a script for it. Dr. Miller tried to explain to me that insurance wouldn't cover it. I just smiled and said "It's covered, I've been at this for 14 years. And besides...if it wasn't, I would just take it anyway, lol. I just need the script so it's legal." Imagine thinking after 14 years of working there and 20 years of knowing her, my good friend and boss, Bette would charge me for O2! LOL!

So an occasional dose of oxygen for SOB is no biggie and he wrote the script. It's been a Godsend. After all, wouldn't you rather use a little O2 than take a bunch of aspirin or some other pain killer?

I started off with a "B" cylinder, our smallest. Then a "C". That way I have to change the tank less often. Shawn gave me a different regulator so that if I fall asleep without shutting off the tank, as long as the cannula is out of my nose, the tank doesn't leak. I don't use it that often. In one and a half cycles I have used one "B" and one "C". So yesterday there were no "C" cylinders and I grabbed a "D".

The carpet in this room is very plus and the tank is top heavy because of the special regulator. So I called the office and told Rachael to "caucus with the warehouse staff" for a solution to it tipping over. When it tips over it's harder to reach when I am half asleep and it makes a big clunking sound.

And........Viola! That Mark...he's a smart guy coming up with this sophisticated solution!

Good thing too....I already make enough noise knocking down shelves in the middle of the night.

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