Monday, September 20, 2010

Stuck At BWI

It was already a long two hour and twenty minute layover.....

Then a 1:50 pm boarding became 3 pm

Now it's 3:30 pm.

What did I pack in this carry-on? Lead? LOL!

I know it's just how weak I am. Tonight is the last Revlimid pill. I am so eager to be free. This month was much more difficult than last month. I understand. I get it. I know I have to do it.

But I am so ready to see what tomorrow and the next brings.

My feet have mild pains, like a shock or a quick stick with a needle. My hands feel as though they are severely sunburnt. I know that if I hadn't been flying so much this last year I would be so befuddled. But moving through airports at this point is muscle memory. So, no brain power needed!

I am so hoping for a "bounce-back". I want to be better tomorrow and better still the day after. But I will not set stringent goals. I made myself nearly crazy doing that after the first cycle. No, I am going to hope for progress, but I am going to be patient with the one step forward, two steps back aspect.

This next few days will be about taking it easy.

If I make it out of BWI.....

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