Friday, October 01, 2010

I Just Slept 8 Hours!!!!

No hot flashes.

No insomnia.

No Lasix driven trips to the loo.

I can't tell you the last time that happened.

I got a lot done yesterday at the house......after "going all Sonny Corleone" on someone (as My Marine put it).

Now I am going to go do more things while I am on a roll.

Oh, and we need a new homemade sugar scrub recipe. This batch felt great, but the smell of the brown sugar overwhelmed the rose oil and the oatmeal clogged the drain. Maybe I was supposed to put it through the food processor or something.

It's warm here and really windy. I love the sound of the wind.


Yer Marine said...

I can see you kicking someone in the hydrant water and smashing them over the head with a trash can lid.

Stay out of the toll booths on the Jersey Turnpike....

Tom Goering said...

Yer Marine,

We watched The Godfather last night, Godfather II is on tap tonight.

Gotta love NetFlix.

Yer Marine said...

Ahh, perhaps the only movie where a superb first is possibly exceeded by the sequel.

Frankie Pentangeli. A classic character.

"Mi familia no mangia in Las Vegas, y mi familia no mangia in Miami.... con Hyman Roth!"

BostonMaggie said...

But I would be kicking them in fabulous heels.....

Both of you need to see "The Town". The Godfather" is classic....but "The Town" more closely resembles my life experience.

It will give us a whole new set of quotes to use on each other.