Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Seriously, I Don't Think I Can Survive

I don't know if I want to.

So the achiness and pain on my right side has greatly eased. But ever since I took the steroids at noon I have wanted to cry. I am not upset, but I want to cry.

I told Bette and Nic. Nic said to Bette "I bet if we hug her right now, we can make her cry!" I left for the kitchen, Nic chased me. I was laughing so hard I was defenseless. Fortunately at the last minute, Nic pulled back. She doesn't like hugging anymore than I do.

I gave up on Atkins after a whole 6 hours, lol. Mark's evil wife Kathy sent in cookies and she makes good cookies. Besides I wanted comfort food and I need crackers for my soup.

I have a great boss who is also my friend, so when I yelled I needed milk.....she went to get it.

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