Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's 2300 & I Should Be Asleep Soon

Jen & I drove in for Mrs. Campo's wake. Frankie & Bill are going to the funeral tomorrow. Frankie is lucky his grandfather can direct him to Powder House Square tomorrow otherwise I don't know where he'd end up.

After the wake, Jen & met Grace & Deb at my parent's house for a completely inappropriate dinner of pizza, chicken fingers, fries and chocolate ice cream sodas. I called Kath and told her to come down to my parents. That conversation quickly into a contest of who did the most stupid stuff when we were young. Ummm, I think I won. I told Debbie never to do this stuff. But I was wrong. She should do all this stuff and then just call me for a ride, that's all. We had a lot of fun.

When Kath & I ran the streets it was before my Navy was my policeman, firefighter, state trooper period. It was fun. Kathy had a taste for the bad boys and had introduced me to a guy who turned out to have low level mafie connections. That freaked me out so bad that the next guy was Tommy & Frankie's Dad, a former Army MP/Sarasota police officer. And that was that for a good many years.

Anyway, I am home and I have taken two "Simply Sleep", a hit of Nyquil, and a valerian.

I have no original thoughts. So I will reprint stuff from my email.

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