Thursday, September 08, 2011

Complaints? Orders?

I just got in from my night with Grace & Jen. We were checking out a possible venue for the annual Kelley Family Christmas party. Then we had dinner at Victoria's Station in Salem. After that it was off to the Liberty Tree Mall Theater to see "The Help". We liked the movie, but Grace was particularly affected.

I was peeved with myself for misremembering the year Medgar Evers died. I was off by two years. Tsk-tsk!

My plan was to hit the hay quickly because I have a conference to attend tomorrow....about Multiple Myeloma. Not sure I want to, but I bought a bag of Hershey Nuggets in case I go and need consolation.

Anyway, you know I had to peek out here and in both my Yahoo and GMail (so I could hardly miss it)

"Four days without a post, and yet you have not gotten past the preface of McMaster's book?

Yer Marine says "Quit skylarkin' and fall in, you feather merchant!"

He's the one who told my I was living the life of a housecat....why is he surprised?

If he wants something, why doesn't he try to bribe me with dinner.....or something. I'm much more amenable to someone trying to corrupt me than someone giving orders.


Charity said...

Good luck tomorrow. I'm glad to hear you're bringing Hershey nuggets for back up.

phrank said...

Well make a counter offer. He wants you to do something ask him what he is willing to give you to do it. Maybe you can get that meal. LOL

T. said...

Amen to that !

Yer Marine said...

"I'm much more amenable to someone trying to corrupt me than someone giving orders."

You must be Irish or something. That sounds like every Boston public works project since the 1880s!