Saturday, March 05, 2011

2011 CNO Pool

***Monday the 7th ADM Harvey - 3; ADM Stavridis - 8; ADM Olson - 1; Greenert -1**
Rumor has it that the next CNO - Chief of Naval Operation for the United State Navy will be named in the next few weeks. So let's have at it.

Last time, I picked the winner, ADM Roughhead, with a little help from The Ogre. This time, being a little more experienced, I am going to make my own pick before asking him or anyone else. This matter has not been discussed with The Favorite Naval Consort as yet since we have been overwhelmed with my state. So whoever he picks......I am on record first. You are all witness and subject to being deposed when he attempts to cheat.

I want Admiral John C. Harvey, Jr., Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command.
ADM Harvey picks up Byron from Sal's front porch. Warrant Diver, also from the porch and various other perches, throws his weight behind ADM Harvey after conceding his own ineligibility.

I'll put up info on the others and take info on dark horses and dream candidates.
Admiral James G. Stavridis
Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
Commander, United States European Command
The Admiral gets his first vote from SteelJaw Scribe
Who also throws a nod to GEN Cartwright, USMC for Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff. So we'll take your vote on that as well.
We're racking up some votes for Stavridis, both claimed and anonymous on Facebook.
As of Sunday morning, Adm Stavridis picks up Herb, Josh & one anonymous from Facebook, as CDR Junge.
Tim of AW1 Tim's blog votes for ADM Stavridis as does Seth from Facebook and Wendy of My Military Life.
Admiral Patrick M. Walsh
Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Perhaps a SEAL?
Admiral Eric T. Olson
Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command
ADM Olsen gets a nod from NavyCS who says "I think SECDEF is prepared to move outside the expected. "
I am reminded that I forgot the current VCNO, apologies
Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert
Vice Chief of Naval Operations
ADM Greenert picks up his 1st vote from Galrahn of Information Dissemination with the caveat "Greenert will be CNO, Cartwright will be CJCS. I hope either Stavridis or Harvey is CNO, but the Navy these days is too parochial for that."
In the comments Delbert reminds me not to forget
Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, III
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Africa
Commander, Allied Joint Force Command, Naples
but I can't tell if that's an actual vote. I've met ADM Locklear and found him to be charming, so I would be ok with this.
My Marine isn't interested in voting for CNO, but votes for GEN Cartwright for CJCS
Dark Horse Candidates -
CDR Salamander who in turn votes for "someone unexpected" - himself perhaps
Warrant Diver - frequent commenter all around the Naval Blogosphere and friend to this blog nominates........Warrant Diver, but concedes it's unlikely due to -
1) his lack of college degree
2) his numerous skeletons compiled as a junior enlisted and Chief Petty Officer and
3) his not being eligible to be CNO.
so he is throwing his support behind ADM Harvey and explaining that Olson is a No/Go in the comments of this post.


Tom Goering said...

Admiral Olsen is my guess - I think SECDEF is prepared to move outside the expected.

YNSN said...

I wish I could vote.

But alas, I must abstain.

Anonymous said...

I like Harvey as well. I find it hard to blame him for firing CAPT Honor as many do. What intrigues me about Harvey is that he actually communicates (through his blog) with a wide range of people and most importantly, actually listens to what they say. As an aside, he REALLY likes YNSN (whoever that is ;) ) For being transparent and willing to listen to the troops, I go with Harvey

YNSN: glad to see an outstanding young sailor staying inside the lifelines. One day I hope to see two stars over a fouled anchor on your collar points and left sleeve!


Warrant Diver said...

Harvey has got to be the front runner. As for Olsen, no way do I think the SWO/AIR/SUB flags will let a SEAL into their club...that will never happen.

A dark horse candidate that you probably haven't heard about, is Warrant Diver. His chances are slim due to

1) his lack of college degree
2) his numerous skeletons compiled as a junior enlisted and Chief Petty Officer and
3) his not being eligible to be CNO.

elexerdelex said...

Will a new leader change the US military? But my guess is the person with the best political friends...
But as I am not american I dont know who that is =)

Delbert said...

Don't forget Samuel Locklear...

BostonMaggie said...

I updated the post to include ADM Locklear, but was that a vote for him?

Delbert said...

Yes, I vote for ADM Locklear, although it's tough to top Starvidis' body of work.

NavyVet&Dad said...

Harvey should be disqualified for the completely spineless and pc way he handled the Capt. Honors/Enterprise case. Never met him but his behavior and lack of leadership was pathetic.

Walsh is a stud, although he canned one of the Enterprise video guys. Call sign was "Sponge" because he soaks it all up. Phd fromTufts, Blue Angel, White House fellow, good guy.

Stavridus is a stud as well.

Olsen would be great! Having a SEAL might mitigate all the pc bs involved intoday's Navy.

Winnifield is a horrible choice for Vice's all about him.