Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Presents From Down South!

There has been a lot of sleeping going on, so I haven't written about two very lovely gestures by two of the Milblog world's greatest ladies. First there were these beautiful flowers from Andi & Mr. Andi....all the way from Florida. Andi is so thoughtful that she took time out of ramping up for the 2011 Milblog and her SpouseBuzz events to do something nice for me. Plus Mr. Andi is my favorite wayyyyyy down south Red Sox fan. He's a displaced New Englander and a really great guy. Then today, Fat/Shrove Tuesday there was a delivery of a Mardi Gras tradition from Greta of "Kiss My Gumbo".

Here it is - King Cake complete with Mardi Gras beads. I put the beads on and heated the cake per Greta's instructions. A piece for me, a piece for my Dad. Mum said no.....until she watched us gobbling it down, then she stole some of mine.I couldn't wait, I had to have the firsts bite before I took a pic. It was delicious!

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Warrant Diver said...

Did your King Cake have a baby in it? We had a cake at work and I got the baby! Good luck all year. Maybe I'll get CNO...