Thursday, December 04, 2008

Guess What I Get To Do Saturday Morning?

I will be aboard LCS-1 USS Freedom. I would have gone no matter what, even if all I got to do was stand on the dock and see it.

But this is soooooo much better!

When it first occurred to me that Freedom might be making an actual stop in Boston, I asked Galrahn for a point of contact. I emailed the PAO and dropped every name I thought would do me any good, Jack Holt at DOD, ENS Day on USS Kearsarge, the CO of USS Constitution, and SailorBob. Yes, that's right, Princess Crabby is completely shameless. Jen & her BFF, SB feinged shock that I would be so crass, but really, no one is surprised.

I got back a very polite "Thank you for your e-mail. The ship will be open to private and public tours during our visit to Boston." and a request that I check back in on 01 DEC.

That was when I came out on the blog and posted this.

So on the 1st, I dropped a quick "?" kinda note.

Much better response!

"We've got general public visiting from 12:30pm until 4:00pm. If you would like, I can arrange a more detailed tour for you Dec.6th from 9:00am until 11:00am. What would you like to focus on? If there is something you are particularly curious about, I can make sure the right people giveyou the tour."

I tell Jen. "Focus? He thinks you can focus. Good. Lord." I told her I had already dealt with that problem - I forwarded the email to my Navy Coterie and asked them "What's my answer?" And of course, Princess Crabby has the most outstanding Navy Coterie ever assembled! They came back with great suggestions.

There were a few more back and forth emails. I assumed the ship would be coming into Black Falcon......but no, it is coming into the Navy Yard. Sweet! Right in my home territory!

Can I tell you..........I am psyched!

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