Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Party Of The Century?

Well, Dr. Momentum's daughter thought so.........

Last night was the Sunset Parade for the USS Constitution followed by a party at CDR Bullard's home.........which I crashed.

What? I brought a cake.

LOL, shortly after 7 pm last night the skies cleared the tiniest bit while three fife and drum groups and the US Border Patrol Bagpipe and Drum came out and honored Old Ironsides.

Then it was off to the Commander's home where I was graciously welcomed by his wife and the rest of his family. I met his adorable children, his parents and his cousin, Dr. Momemtum, PattyM and Bob - just Bob.

Among the others I met a young lady who is in Boston to marry the Marine of her dreams next weekend at the New England Aquarium. The uniform of the day is Dress Blue Alpha with swords. Unfortunately he has lost some of his group and is down to one fellow Marine.

Where do I find some Marines in Dress Blue Alpha with swords for next week?????

I want her to have that arch thing. She was so nice and so calm in spite of all the bumps in the road to this wedding. She should get the arch.


Thus Spake Ortner said...

Try the Marine Corps League? Or local recruiters perhaps?

BostonMaggie said...

I have contacted the Boston recruiting office and I am awaiting their reply.

Why aren't you offering to come up and help me?