Monday, June 18, 2007

Two Hours Of My Life.........

.........I'll never get back.......Spiderman 3.

Spoiler alert, if you haven't seen the movie and want to be surprised, stop now. Do not scroll down past the pic.

I'm telling you.........stop now.

First off, there were two people in the theater and Jen goes and sits right behind them. I am looking at her, they turn and look at her. "What? I want to be right in the middle, it's the best seat."

Trailers. I love movie trailers. They had the widescreen format on, but the trailers aren't. They better fix this before the movie. We saw the trailer for "Balls of Fury". Words fail me.

Then the movie starts, formatting still isn't fixed........everyone's head is cut off.......first trip to the kid in charge.

Now, the screen is narrow and everyone is stretched......heads still cut off............second trip.

There's actually a kid at the back of the theatre with a walkie talkie. Yeah, that's great.

What do I have to say about this movie?

I am a woman who loves her heroes larger than life.

John Wayne.........My Dad.......SouthieBoy.

Spiderman cries. A. Lot. He cries. He weeps. Crying? Crying! What the hell kind of superhero is that?

The people in front of us left three quarters of the way through. I wanted to beg them to take me with them.

Plus it was over two hours long





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elle said...

Well Poo. Not that I was looking forward to that one, but it sucks that it sucks. You know what looks good? And I can't believe I'm typing this ... the Transformers movie. Either that or the preview is worth seeing again. Good thing I have a 12 yr old son so I have a reasonable excuse for this behavior.