Thursday, October 12, 2006

Non Sibi Sed Patriae

Not for self, but for country.
On October 12, 2000 the USS Cole was attacked. 17 sailors paid the ultimate price for your freedom. We should never forget. I am going to include a link that I am not sure will work. If it doesn't, go to Piano Lady's World and navigate from there (half way down and listed under "misc. pages"). It's worth the extra couple of seconds. Her photos show the recovery effort. The Armorer also has a very good post up.


Anonymous said...

It was on that day that I realized my life changed forever. I knew that shortly I would be spending much more time on active duty than as a reservist. And thus has it ever been. It's what I do. It is what I am and always will be.

BostonMaggie said...

"It is what I am and always will be."

I'm very happy with that.

Pietro said...

Non Sibi Sed Patriae - Over the chapel doors at the United States Naval Academy is a simple Latin inscription – Non Sibi Sed Patriae "Not for self, but for country." Simple, but powerful.
Pietro Savo