Tuesday, October 24, 2006

MG Rick Lynch

For no other reason than he is my favorite army guy. Chuck Trout, MG Rick Lynch, and Jim Tiezzi
Here is a pic of Major General Lynch all dressed up for the 87th Annual Reunion of the 3rd ID. It was held in Nashville TN last month.
It's not like seeing my favorite Naval Consort in his whites, but Rick does look spiffy!
I'm not saying I have a crush on the guy or anything, but if you search this blog (search window in the upper left hand corner) for "Lynch".....he pops up in 15 posts! LOL


Anonymous said...

By the way...that is one of the Army's Dinner Dress uniforms. The civilian equivalent would be black tie.

BostonMaggie said...

So, you agree he looks good? And clearly you can see why I have a crush on him?

Unknown said...

MG Lynch was my Battalion Commander when I was with the 1/8 Cavalry Mustangs. He pinned on my SSG when I was promoted in 1994. He was by far the best Bn Commander I have had in my over 21 years of military service.
SFC (retired) Charles B. Clouse

Anonymous said...

I knew MG Lynch when he was a Captain commanding Echo company of the 4th Engineer Battalion in Fort Hood, Texas. He was a character, great guy but not someone you wanted to cross (SHORT FUSE!!). I worked as his PAC Supervisor and as his Operations Sergeant. I have not talked with him in over 20 years (but I see that he turned out okay). If possible it would be GREAT if you could forward my contact information to him. arnold-56@hotmail.com, he would remember me as SSG Arnold


BostonMaggie said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I don't actually know LtGen Lynch. I just stalk him on the internet through this blog. I know he is now back in Texas at Fort Hood.