Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kerry & Chris Shook Are Insensitive Assclowns

I am so angry that I can't even make a joke about it.

These two clowns wrote a book extolling the virtues of living like you were dying. They have an adventure planned......fuck me! An adventure? An adventure!!!! They are calling it an adventure. They are going to have a bunch of people live for 30 days like they only have a month to live.

They are on the FoxNews morning program.

They are laughing about the pitfalls of this adventure. haha! "What if you just eat donuts for 30 days?" "What if you run up your credit cards?"

Wow! What a chuckle!

Gee, I know I'm not within a month yet, ........but it's coming. The current prognosis gives me 18 to 30 months. I better go get this book......SO I FUCKING GET IT RIGHT!


Bull said...

We've all only got so long to live, but I'm under no impression that "living in the moment" is anything even remotely like knowing - even roughly - where the "offramp" is.

You have every right to be angry. But don't let these fucktards slow you down longer than it takes you to cuss them out.

Knottie said...

While I am a firm believer in saying what we need to say in the moment because we never know if we have the chance tomorrow. And adventures are great but so are the mundane day to day things that we all take for granted. If I had one month more with my son I would not want an adventure with him I would want family dinners, watching football on Sunday, doing his laundry and just the little every day boring moments I miss so much. Life is an adventure and the quiet moments of conversations, the hugs, the tasks we do every day are the real adventure. Well learning to appreciate those 'boring' day to day things is the adventure.

Be Blessed Maggie.. you inspire more people than you know. (hugs)

AW1 Tim said...

Damn Straight, Maggie... you inspire a whole lotta folks. Keep fighting. It's the American thing to do.

Mrs. K said...

"Fucktards" is my new favorite word!

Anonymous said...

I know this was posted a long time ago, but my church is about to launch a sermon series based on this book, so I came across this post in searching for information about it. The book is directed towards Christians who are lackadaisical about their faith and need to live every day doing God's work as God intended. It's neither insensitive nor something to get angry about. Just wanted to let you all know.

BostonMaggie said...

Dear Anonymous,

Fuck you. Fuck your condesccending attitude. Fuck you for coming out here and telling me what I read and how it should be taken.

I promise you that I am at least twice as smart as you right this minute and that's not that smart considering how many drugs I am taking.

Mrs. Diva said...

Ah Maggie, I love you. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Love ya, honey.

JC said...

Only someone who watches foxnews would say something like this...or agree with ignorant

JC said...

Only someone who watches foxnews would say something like this...or agree with ignorant

JC said...

Only someone who watches foxnews would say something like this...or agree with ignorant

BostonMaggie said...


Only a moron would post their comment 3 times before realizing all comments are moderated and not released until I want them released.

Only an idiot would post a comment in a two year old post, no one is going to see it but me.

Only a coward comes out here anonymously.....just like the only other negative commenter in this thread.

Maybe you should watch some FoxNews and open up your mind.

What does FoxNews have to do with this anyway? You must be some kind of numbskull. I just happened to hear them on FoxNews, but they have been on other news outlets.....and still just as stupid and thoughtless.

And you must be stupid and thoughtless to be out here defending them.

Anonymous said...

You are an Angry person who needs Jesu in your heart

BostonMaggie said...

And you are a stupid person who can't spell "Jesus" and still doesn't understand comment moderation.

And you are a cowardly person who spews nonsense anonymously.

And you need to go talk to your minister so they can explain that you are not supposed to judge other people's relationship with Jesus.....just your own, dummy.

And Jesus and I are fine. We are fine with no help from a weasel like you or asshats like Chris & Kerry Shook.

Anna S said...

Maggie, It's been over 5 months since your last post here. I looked other places but couldn't find any other posts. In January of 2010 you had been given 18-30 months to live according to this post. As I read it I see how angry you are, although I understand why. I do not intend to judge your relationship with Jesus but would like to share with you about Moses anger and the outcome. Although God gave Moses the opportunity to lead the Israelites to the promised he was not able to see the fruits of his labor. In spite a close relationship with God, like no other, he broke The Tablets that God Himself wrote, he killed a soldier, his outbursts were many and he was not allowed to go into the promised land. If you are still with us, please give this some thought. Anger causes illness, not only mentally but also physically and spiritually, I know personally. Kerry & Chris have the right to write what they want and you have the right to criticize but watch that your right is done with good intent and wisdom. You consider yourself smart, intelligence and wisdom are used for building up and problem solving, not tearing down. I hope this is an inspiration to you, Im glad I found you here, you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless and give you peace thru this time

BostonMaggie said...

Anna, thanks to my doctors & the prayers of many, I'm still around. I'm glad you are happy with your relationship with God. I'm happy with mine.

I still stick with every word of this post.

BostonMaggie said...

Another cowardly, anonymous & stupid person tried to comment on this post.

First, comments are moderated, so if what you write doesn't post....writing it three times won't help you.

Two, I am not anonymous, read the blog. My name is Diane Frances McInnis Miller.

Three, getting outraged with my words and actions is small and petty of you, so you must need clowns like Kerry and Chris Shook to tell you how to think.

Four,I killed myself laughing over this part - "I was healed of cancer by Jesus. I've been given another terrible diagnosis and hope to be healed again with Him and God.

Perhaps if you spent more time on positive healing and less time on anger you would be well."

Haha clown! I am 6 years post DX this month. Guess like the song says "Jesus is just alright with me"!

BostonMaggie said...

Dear Anonymous Whiner,
You signed in at noon on Friday the 9th of January, 2015 to say something stupid. First off, comments are moderated. So I decide what happens here. Your screed adds nothing to the discission. Secondly, this post is just shy of 5 years old. What could you hope to accomplish? Defending a loser by saying childish and un-Christian things? Yeah, that's a game plan genius. Lastly, you found this post by searching Bing for the term "kerry shook fraud". That just tickles me! Thanks for the laugh. The Shook's were then and remain still, clowns. And obviously, so are some of their followers.

Anonymous said...

From Fred Up to Fed Up:
The deception and con game by most of these Pastor manipulators is evidence by the Tithe lie they continue to keep going and is fully supported by their brainwashed clones. Pastor Kerry Shook is no different.

He and the rest continue to run game and try to make believe tithe paying ten on the dollar is a commandment for New Covenant Christians when Jesus has fulfilled the law and does not charge for a blessing. Even before he fulfilled the law he did not charge for his miracles like these Prosperity pimps are teaching to sow money to their empires for a blessing!

These tithe legalist are nothing short of cons who should know they are quoting Old Covenant verses said to a whole other nation who were under a Different Covenant before the Dispensation of Grace and The Holy Spirit, which has replaced the guide of the Old Covenant external law by being an internal guide and anyone who does not know this including Pastor Kerry Shook should not be teaching first grader in Sunday School.

What is most insulting is they really think all of us Christians are too stupid to know what New Covenant we are under and that the tithe of the Old Covenant was mostly paid in food for the poor, Levite Priest and for the Temple in Jerusalem, which no longer exist and was destroyed in 70 AD. The Temple Tax was a tax paid for the Upkeep of the Temple but churches already get a tax break as a Nonprofit organization.
It is not that I'm against giving just the tithe lie they keep lying about, even worst many of them use the threat of the curse in Malachi 3:8-9 which was canceled out by the payment Jesus made on the cross.

The church I was in was in a poor neighborhood but the Pastor milked those poor folks dry with Pastor's Anniversary, expensive conferences, Pastor's Birthday, Founders Convention, tithe request and offering, etc.

Sad to say I'm too fed up to go back to church but will never stop trusting and believing in Jesus

....and guess what tithe liars he has helped me free of charge whenever I have a need for whatever I need.

Anonymous said...

Told a friend about your blog. She was highly insulted by your frankness. Oh well too bad!

She had been my close friend since High School but disagreed with my view on the tactics these pastors are using. I don't need a robot or religious clone for a friend who has NO problem with spiritual abusive tactics used by a majority of Tithe promoters to collect their wages.

Can someone tell me who in the H...ll wants to go to church and get a verbal beat down over money.

Stop trying to change God into a tyrant who will come get your stuff for not tithing on every dime.
The major reason Jesus came was to redeem us from the curse of the law and fulfill the law.

Read Galatians 3:13, Romans 8:3. Romans 10:4 2nd Corinthians 3:6

People go to church looking for God's comfort, unconditional love and unmerited favor as in grace, NOT to be told they will be cursed by God with a quote from Malachi 3:8 said under a whole different Covenant.

This lie that one must tithe in church for God's blessings of health/favor has also opened the door to the false Prosperity Gospel and shaming those too poor to faithfully tithe!

These Tithe Police have NOOOOO business condemning people Jesus died for. When he will help you for free Romans 8:32:33

The main thing these tithe Police ( Kerry Shook is no different) use to justify the Old Covenant tithe law is that Abraham gave tithes before the Old Covenant tithe law was instituted. Abraham also had a son with his slave girl while married, should we do that too? Abraham was commanded by God to be circumcised but the church does not promote male circumcision, why not? It does not pay the Pastor's salary??

Some folks will read this and say Don't touch the Lord's Anointed with insults. I didn't even comment on the church splits over money and the three Pastors that had affairs and were fired for adultery where I was a member of various churches over the course of 20 years. Their sins are between them and God to judge but when you get on the Pulpit (or a stage) and declare curses over people in your audience, that is personal!

No thanks to that mess anymore!!!
Jesus said where two or three are gathered in his name he said he is there. Matthew 18:20. I can gather with two or three to have a bible study or prayer...which is what many of the very elderly sick and shut in do anyway.

No thanks to the business of going to church bldgs. and being brainwashed by tithe or be cursed liars ever again. Sad but all trust is gone because the majority continue to tithe lie and put folks under condemnation.

The ironic part to this is I was a giver for years to my church until it became clear they tried to make it an extortion for the ten percent cash, or the Old Covenant, Old Testament Malachi 3:8 curse would follow.

Funny thing is I'm more blessed than when I was tithing and continually in fear of God's curse if I was not paying and performing enough.

Examples of Spiritual Abuse in some churches that strongly promote prosperity for tithing to their Protestant Churches:

Not allowing church members to serve or volunteer in the church unless they pay tithes.

Making Robo-calls or sending letters to guilt/condemn church members into tithing.

Shaming the poor, with lies that they will get sick or become poor for not tithing on every dollar even when they are single parents, unemployed or on fixed income (elderly). One Pastor said don't hang with broke folks who don't tithe cause they are under God's curse. He gave the poor a reason to be shunned like a leper.

False advertisement, AS IN sow a seed for your need... TRANSLATION pay cash to their churches in exchange for God to give you health and wealth.

Quoting curses in Deuteronomy that were for a whole other nation under a whole different Covenant, not the New Covenant to scare members into tithing.

WJK said...

God is a myth

BostonMaggie said...

How in Heaven's name did you find this five year old post to comment on? Lol! Kerry & Chris Shook and their nonsense have nothing to do with God ( believe in Him or don't). No the Shooks just use other people's Faith to make a buck.

When I wrote this post I was in a tough spot after several months on chemo had failed. My prognosis wasn't good. So the grifters & their "game" really angered me. But thanks to Big Pharma, I have surpassed my original two year window and subsequent five year window. Chemo blows, but now I get to play with my grandson who was born two years ago.

Skye Baby said...

I caught the Shook on TV last Sunday. This had to be the most boring, un- inspiring public speaker I have ever heard in my life. HE does not have to be charismatic because he is a pawn, owned by the Woodlands Church. They keep it boring as to not offend any of the high- class New Age Woodland social clubbers. This has nothing to do with religion.