Saturday, October 04, 2008

Well, It's Something

From the NYT

Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths

"....A review of records of the schools project and interviews with a dozen people who know both men, suggest that Mr. Obama, 47, has played down his contacts with Mr. Ayers, 63. But the two men do not appear to have been close."

It's not the indictment it should be, but finally, someone at the "Old Gray Lady" is paying a little attention to this.

I don't care that Obama and Ayers "do not appear to have been close" and I don't care (as is pointed out in the article) that many think "But in Chicago, Mr. Ayers has largely been rehabilitated."

William Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist. Period. There is no gray area here. Ayers has asserted in his own words that he did what he did and he feels he didn't do enough.

I do not respect anyone who would have dealings with a terrorist.

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