Saturday, October 11, 2008

On My Way To Bed

It's Girl's Weekend. Grace, Deb, Jen, Kelly, Diane and my Mum are down at the cottage. We went antiquing in Buzzard's Bay near Mass Maritime. I was bored silly, but Grace likes it. Jen bought a painting but she needs my father to refinish the frame. The girls had a good time, we found a penny candy store and I bought candy cigarettes.

The weather was absolutely perfect for strolling down by the canal and a stroll was all I could manage.

We never got around to playing hearts. I set up the board and the cards and the pennies when we got in from dinner. But by the time we scratched all the stupid lottery tickets, I was too tired.
It's a good thing the company's worth the effort.

I've been feeling them out about something and so far it seems to be going pretty well. I am thinking about ditching this treatment plan.

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