Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Lost Day and Lost Money

The skin doctor who I have to see to get refills of my roscea cream had an opening this morning. I thought they said 0900, they meant 0800.....oh well. After my solid, refreshing seven and a half hours of sleep, I was still late to work for no reason.

That's fine, they can fit me in at 1110. So I do a little work and head back over. They want to talk about my new meds and my new DX, yada, yada. I leave there at 1215.

I run to Bath & Body Works because I have a coupon for free room fragrance and I want to have lavender for my bedroom. Many people have suggested that.

Then I grab a quick soup and sandwich for lunch.

I'm back at my desk but I have another doctor's appointment at 1500.

Wasted day.

If someone knows anyone who is buying out/bailing out Citifinancial mortgages.....hook me up. This is really starting to impact my life. I have always lived paycheck to paycheck. But that was never a problem. I have a good job with available overtime. When something came up I just worked extra. But last week I only worked 19 hours. This week, I will barely hit 40. And that's only because I was smart enough to work 9 and 10 hours on the two days that I felt good this week.

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