Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's The Thought That Counts

So I am, thanks to multiple myeloma and Revlimid, tired and rundown, fatigued and unsuccessfully fighting a two week old cold. On the bright side, my germs are not strong enough to make anyone else around me sick.

I was whining to my mother about the cold.....wah...... and wah, what if this was my life for the next four to six months, wah....... She sighed and told me I wasn't a good patient. Then I told her how everyone around me was trying to disinfect things for me. And, like the brat I am, that is starting to irritate me. She laughed, she knew just what I meant and made fun of me.

Then for fun she pointed out that if people weren't killing all those germs for me, imagine how much more sick I could be.

Shit! I hadn't thought of that. We laughed that without Rachael and Nic wiping everything in work down with Chlorox wipes and Bette and Pat spraying Lysol in the ladies room.....I might have leprosy by now.

Anyway, I came home and the boys are trying to do their part. We've switched to paper plates, etc. They are better about picking up after themselves.

Of course there was another bite my tongue moment. I came out into the living room in time to catch Frankie cleaning the finished wood coffee table with Windex. He was going to town scrubbing it. He held up the paper towel and announced "Look at all this dirt!" Ok, it's not dirt, it's the finish on the table.

Oh well.

It's the thought that counts.


Stella said...

Found on a fan site: I call them "Monk wipes" instead of "Clorox wipes."

I am happy you are under such loving care.

BillT said...

Well, geez, you're *supposed* to be Princess Crabby.

Just not a *sick* Princess Crabby.

Meanwhile, bask in the attention everyone's showing you...