Thursday, October 09, 2008

He's Mad!

He's mad. Sit down. He's not done yet.

Watch this guy at a McCain event.

And this guy gets McCain to respond on Ayers more forcefully than the ad below.


Stella said...

LOL! Acorn? You betcha! He's doggone mad! ;-)

I agree with McCain's comment about the right to vote, but take exception to him talking about corruption in the battleground states. I was going to stop with the first sentence until I heard that comment.

Corruption occurred in 2003 with Walden O'Dell, CEO of Diebold: ...vying to sell voting machines in Ohio told Republicans in a recent fund-raising letter that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.

O'Dell raised more than $350,000 for the Bush campaign. I find O'Dell's participation in Bush's fund raising a clear conflict of interest.

In response to McCain's comment about corruption, you might find this link interesting in light of the challenges in counting all of Ohio's votes.

But, the hell with politics. I hope you're doing well.

BostonMaggie said...

I am an appointed election worker in my town. I am the Clerk. We have had several recounts on town elections and our tallies always come nearly perfectly. They are AccuVote machines. But before that we had Diebold.

It's a GIGO situation. We come in 45 minutes before the polls open. We count every paper ballot we are given. We keep copious notes. We make sure our front and back tables match. At the end of the night we tally the write-ins. We look through every ballot to make sure no one's write-in gets missed for lack of a bubbled circle. We are vigilant about protecting the intent of the voter.

Our town clerk tests the machines and anyone can witness the tests.

Diebold wants to sell machines, not steal elections. The machines are fine. I remember watching the Florida recounts and thinking how disorganized they were. I didn't see corruption, I saw carelessness.

I'll follow the links later. I'm a little dopey now.

Stella said...

You'll never guess: I'm an Inspector for the General Election. Great minds...?

As always, I hope you feel better.