Friday, October 10, 2008


Another lost day.

I called the doctor yesterday about an ache in my throat. I stress that I have no chest pain. I can take a full breath. However, I have an ache in my throat. Have you ever gone outside on a cold day and your throat aches from the cold air? That's what it's like. If I climb stairs or move quickly it hurts. Once I sit down, it goes away.

I slept for 10 hours and called the doctor at 1055. I had left a message for them yesterday and they had left one for me to call them. They were upset with me for not calling at 0800 because they had scheduled a CAT scan for me. Oh well. I didn't know and I would have slept through it.

So they ask me to stay by the phone and they will call me back. I shower, I do laundry, I wait. At 1145 they call back. Can I come right now? Have I eaten? Yes and no. I am on my way. Halfway to the hospital, they call again. Relax, eat something and try to be there at 1230. They can't do a contrast CAT scan because of my diagnosis. Shit, I knew that. What's the point of all this reading and educating myself on my diagnosis if I am not going to retain anything. Contrast is tough on the kidneys and with MM you have to do everything to protect the kidneys.

So I run to the office tell them what's going on, eat a half a tuna sandwich, take all my pills and vitamins and then go to the Jordan. I walk in the door of the clinic at 1227, pay my copay and sit. I sit for 45 minutes. I am getting peeved. Apparently there was some miscommunication about who was putting in my IV. But by 0145 I am in nuclear medicine and the test begins. It's followed up by a chest XRay. Then it's back to the clinic. There is some question of a possible EKG but that is ruled out.

No clot. No pneumonia. No pleuritis. I tell them I am sleepy and full of fluid. They nod.

That's it.

I'm in work and fairly useless.

Another lost day. Somebody send me a winning lottery ticket.

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Stella said...

Maggie, these are not lost days. Any day you take care of yourself is a more productive day than going to work. "Useless" is not an appropriate description for you.

Keep informed: you'll remember what you need to remember. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished today.