Sunday, July 01, 2007

Let's Get Some Things Out Of The Way

I'm a bitch. I am mean and cruel...............some have referred to me as despotic. I'm fine with that. However, sometimes I say something that's just factual and if someone else doesn't want to hear it. Or doesn't want to admit that it's true, I get the bitch thing.


I think Elizabeth Edwards is playing to the cancer.

Disclaimer (in case you just popped in here because you googled Edwards or something), I am a completely heartless, conservative, pro-military, hawkish Republican. Even though I am only 46, I was a Goldwater girl. The day after I turned 18 I went up to the local branch for City Hall business on Pearl Street and registered to vote as a Republican. So that's the first thing. Second, of all the Dems, I find Edwards the most useless. Both as a man and as a politician. Last, I have blogged about Mrs. Edwards before when she talked smack about her neighbor.

Is that up front enough?

Look at her pics. Please do not tell me that is her illness. Cancer doesn't make you hair look "unbrushed". Her lips. Cancer doesn't cause you to forget lipstick. As a matter of fact, in the puff piece the NYT did on her, they say her color is good and her hair is full. So....what's the deal? He's getting $400 there no money left for a hairbrush for her?Another disclaimer. I am sitting here (wearing yesterday's clothes, lol) in my favorite "shortalls" (shorts with the bib and straps) and my favorite Navy shirt that SB gave me. I am no fashionplate. But I know if I was going to be in the medias eye, I would put a little effort into it. Mrs. Edwards dresses like her husband's grandmother.

My point? I think it's deliberate and I wanted to say it. Call me a bitch, I could care less. I read the NYT article and saw the photo and I wanted to say it. It's my blog and my opinion and I can.

Some of you who are saying it's petty and mean are thinking the same thing.

That said, it's a brilliant tactic. She looked like "David" to Ann Coulter's "Goliath". It's deceptive, but it's smart.


SK said...

Hmmmmmm. Wasn't hairboy an attorney? One who raked in mega millions for his clients? One who tutored clients in how to dress, look, and act for the jury's benefit? Yeah, I thought so. She should be up for next years Academy Award.

AND before anybody decides to jump my ass about what I said, I have SEVERAL family members who have, or currently are dealing with cancer. I KNOW what they look like, and how crappy they feel. I also know that they don't even go grocery shopping w/o making themselves look as good as possible, because they DON'T want to call attention to the fact that they are sick!!

Kris, in New England said...

Thank you Maggie, for saying it out loud. I've been saying all along that HE has been using her illness for his own gains. And I agree that it would appear she is too.

That and the whole "child killed as a teenager" thing. It's horrific that it happened to them, but it's also amazing the lengths they have gone to, to NOT talk about it, all the while talking about it vociferously.

Including in today's NYT "puff piece" (perfect description...they should have just taken a picture of the reporter physically kissing her ass). Along with the comments about her "full hair and good color" was the ever-obligatory statement about her son dying in his teens.

Enough! Thankfully his campaign is circling the drain like a dead's only a matter of time before the snake goes over the edge into his own hair clog.

BostonMaggie said...

SK - Oh yes, I believe he's watching and coacking, etc.

Kris - I agree he's circling the drain.....I just wish he'd go already.

SuddenStop linked me with a post where he said "How dare you say true things about sick people! Bostonmaggie. Going to Hell so I don't have to."

LOL, he's on ths stool next to me!

Anonymous said...

"he's on the stool next to me"

It's not a stool; it's a handbasket.

BostonMaggie said...

No, a handbasket was our mode of transport to.......once we get there I am sitting at the bar. You get better service there and I know the bartender.